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Managed Office

Business Center

The comfort, economy and effortlessness of Managed Office Spaces help your organization concentrate on its business goals which generally get diluted by pressures of establishing a setup and managing it.

Available at a very short notice, Managed Offices in Bangalore are customized according to your office’s requirements; take care of all facilities available to your employees and speed up the overall operational process. You can avail your Solarium Managed Office along with:

  • Promoting the property for rent and finding credible tenant
  • Immediate admittance to Business Centre office locations
  • Personalized office formats, specifically for your business
  • 24/7 support by trained administrative, maintenance , IT and human resource personnel
  • Contemporary technological and corporate Infrastructure
  • Meeting, training, and Conference rooms available on demand
  • Packaged monthly rentals, lock-in or maintenance overheads

Besides other critical aspects of business, any emerging organization must rely on a smart corporate infrastructure to accelerate its growth and inspire its workforce. More often than not, striking the right balance in terms of budget for the infrastructure and other necessities could pose as a factor for concern.

Hence, the colossal demand for ready-made Serviced Offices which cater to all the criteria above, at prices within or below a separate establishment’s budget.

Solarium‘s Serviced Offices in Bangalore come with top-notch amenities for your organization and all facilities which are on par with the best business centers in India.

  • Negligible initial investment for your serviced office:
    As opposed to the extremely high costs that an entrepreneur or owner incurs in establishing his business venture, starting work with our serviced offices can be extremely cost effective as it does not involve any investment in office property or associated infrastructure
  • Immediate accessibility to serviced office premises
    With all facilities at your fingertips, a smart workspace for you and your co-workers is just a swipe away! After very simple formal procedures, you can gain access to your workspace at Business Center and start work immediately.
  • IT, admin, front desk and maintenance staff support available
    Trained and experienced personnel from all departments, namely network administrators, front office staff, maintenance and administration teams work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure hassle-free operations. You save immense time, cost and energy without hiring any additional resources.
  • Smart workplaces and Fully equipped serviced offices
    You can opt for open work spaces, closed cabins.
  • Very low overheads and all-inclusive monthly serviced office rentals
    Our payment schemes are simple, affordable and flexible. There are no maintenance costs. The monthly rent includes all overheads, thus minimising your concern about any trivial individual expenses incurred.

Virtual Office

Virtual Offices premiered in 1994 and have taken the professional industry by storm since then; emerging as one of the most convenient, economical and employee-friendly system of working. As a part of this system you belong to an eminent organization, located anywhere in the world and can work from a location of your choice. Your efficiencies remaining intact, occupational goals are met, business expand and flourish- at costs that are merely a fraction compared to establishing and managing a tangible office.

Solarium offers Virtual Office Services with several attractive avenues for you:

  • Choice of Virtual Office Address for your business, at any prime location
  • Trained Front Office Staff and Reception Services
  • Competent handling of visitors and mailbox
  • Access to meeting and convention rooms based on requirement
  • Financially viable, cost-effective